Malia Stevenson

Artist Mentor- Tameka Harris


Jae-Quan Lee Roberson

Artist Mentor- Tameka Harris & Megan Mahon

Student Highlights


"I like theatre because I like acting and I want to be an actor.  My favorite thing I learned was the improvisation games, especially "Who, What, Where" because it helps me learn how to be an actor and create scenes."  - Jae-Quan

"Jae-Quan is very energetic and has really found his niche with theatre.  He remembers terminology and understands how to put a story together.  He thrives during improvisation games where his imagination and creativity get to come alive." - Megan Mahon

"I like to write and theatre is another way of expressing myself.  My favorite part is being able to speak up. When I'm acting it's different, I can do anything."  - Jaya

"Jaya loves acting and it's a pleasure to work with someone who really wants to be there and learn." - Brian Reynolds 

Jaya Laprade 

Artist Mentor- Brian Reynolds

Alexis Barnes

Artist Mentor- Stephen Felton

"I love dance because I get to do what I like and it inspires me to do new things.  I love our new dance because it's in the style of the Harlem Renaissance." - Malia

"Malia is very eager to participate and she is a great well-rounded student who has positive influence in the class.  She is a leader." -Tameka Harris 

 "Music is a way I can express myself, by singing.  I love to write songs." - Alexis 

"Alexis has tremendous singing potential and a great attitude for the stage."  -Stephen Felton