Staff Highlight

Current Administrative Staff

What He Says:

"I want to share what I have because it's not mine initially anyways.  I'd rather get to the youth before someone who may not have as positive of an influence."


What His Supervisors/Colleagues Say:

"We appreciate him for always being ready, willing and consistent.  His caring personality, phenomenal talent and willingness to work hard makes for a great MVP (Most Valuable Partner) of the month."  - Keyinta Boyd & Megan Mahon

Stephen Felton

Music Mentor

What His Students Say:

"Mr. Stephen is funny and patient." " He is always nice." " He's funny and talented." "Mr. Stephen... worked with me and I appreciate that."  "Mr. Stephen taught me "how to use my voice," "to sing harmony, melody, high pitches and low pitches," and to "differentiate between my head voice and my chest voice."

Executive Director- T. Keyinta Boyd

          Office Manager-Joan Gugerty