The College/Career Readiness consists of mentors who work one-on-one with selected youth to help them prepare for, apply and get accepted into high school, college or various trade programs.  Our mentors will work to demystify the process and help teach the youth the tenacity it takes both to apply to and to be successful in college and in career paths.  

We are currently working on building our College/ Career Readiness Mentoring program through our Amerciorps* VISTA.  Check back soon for more information! 

Arts Integration is defined by the Kennedy Center as "an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both."  

Arts Integration improves students' interest and understanding of content, offers an alternative approach to traditional curricula, and specifically improves students' 21st century skills including innovation, creativity and flexibility.  

Our after-school programming is set to fit the needs of the school or site. A program at any particular site can offer theatre, dance and music or some combination of the three.  

We believe strongly in providing positive, consistent adult mentors for our youth.  Our student to adult ratio is 15:1. 

The students produce 2-3 original full length productions per year that they will perform for their parents, families, friends and community.  

We also take the students on special trips to underscore the arts and life skills learning curriculum.  

After-School Programming

College/Career Readiness

Arts Integration