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Robert Sherrod 

Roberta Flick 

Rosemarie & George Korphage 

Samantha London 

Sammie L. Real III 

SarahN'Dippity Salsa 

Scott Spencer 

Sherice White 

Shirley Basfield Dunlap 

Teresa T. Field 

Tesha Brown 

Theresa Good 

Thomas A. Witecki 

Trivia Payne 

William Van Dixon 

Yariela Kerr-Donovan 

Kathleen Lucot 

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Lavonda Brown 

Lindsay Grant 

Lois Read 

Marge Witecki 

Marilyn Gray 

Mary Anne & Gill Wylie  

Melissa and James Rosenberg 

Michael & Heather Sumpter

Michael Karweit 

Miller Roberts 

Nicholas Edwards 

Nicole Halsay and Ronald Ashton 

Noah D. Parker and Ann T. Ciekot 

Patricia Hunter Myers 

Paulette K. Edmunds 

Individual Contributions

Founder - Chris Youngston-Gray

Alan Dunklow

Calesha Thompson

Jessica Kupper

Trivia Payne

Jaya LaPrade

Taivon Murphey 
Mary Pat Clarke
Richard McCoy

Board of Directors

Many heartfelt THANKS to all of the people who make Unchained Talent possible:

  • The staff and students for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice.
  • Parents for your support of your children’s commitment, long hours and dedication.
  • Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School, James E. Lewis Museum of Art's teachers and staff for their unending work to provide their students with new opportunities and their strong support of Unchained Talent.  Especially: Mr. Craig Rivers, Ms. Laura Schulz, Mr. Stephen Holloway, Mr. Gabriel Tenabe, Ms. Robin Howard and Ms. Laura Brown.
  • The Baltimore City Schools and School Board  for your support now and in the future as we work together to bring the arts back to all our youth!
  • Kingdom graphic Design for the lovely postcards and flyers!

Abigail Breiseth 

Alexandra London 

Alexandra Milroy 

Amanda Matthews 

Amy Barnett 

Andrea Washington 



Anthony Wright 

Ashley Daniels 

Camille Richards 

Carmen Samuel 

Carol Berman 

Cheryl Ford 

Christina Korphage Bracknell

Christopher J. Mixter 

Christy Doi 



(2012-2013 contributions listed below - current contributions listed in annual report, available upon request) 

Family League of Baltimore City

Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts

Open Society Foundations

Microsoft Employee Matching Fund

Linehan Family Foundation

Legg Mason

Val Eisman

A few Board Members posing at a VIP Event at Baltimore Theatre Project in 2011.

Financial Support & Funding

Our Supporters

Afya Public Charter School

Baltimore City Public School Systems

Robert W. Deutsch Foundation


Harry L. Gladding Foundation

People's Church



partial funding for Unchained Talent was provided by the following granting agencies, foundations, and companies: (2012-2015 contributions listed below - current contributions listed in annual report, available upon request)

  • All the College/Career Readiness Mentor Volunteers for the impact you are making, no matter how great or how small, on the lives of our young people
  • Megan Mahon for this great website design!
  • Open Society Institute
  • Jeffery Gray and GrayLab team for the computers and technical support
  • Peter Bruun & Fannon Hill
  • Congresswoman Mary Pat Clarke for your continued involvement and support 
  • And of course, our Founder, Chris Youngston Gray... for dreaming up and bringing Unchained Talent to life!

Claire Damore 

Clinton Lawrence 

Daniel Hall 

Danny & Debbie Mahon

David Breihan 

David M. Gray 

Edward Niblett 

Elexa Waugh-Quasebarth 

Elke Franke 

Frank Meyers 

James & Joanne Crum 

Jeff Gray and Chris Youngston 

Jennifer Weymont

Joan Gugerty 

Joan Parr 

Joe White 

Karen Sentementes