Mentor: Kariz Marcel

    Unchained Talent's Mission

    • to educate, inspire and change young people through access to the performing arts
    • to re-energize youth and school communities by providing performing arts opportunities in under-used school spaces
    • to respond to young people's developmental needs through consistent positive adult mentor relationships

    Our Values & Philosophies

    • They teach us how to sing, dance, act and compose; how to understand one's personal history; how to take positive risks; and how to problem solve.
    • They help us develop empathy, self-confidence, responsibility, self-control, concentration, self-belief, discipline, self-expression, and spontaneity.
    • They strengthen our skills in writing, reading, algebra, geometry, history, geography, social studies, carpentry, team work, finances, project planning, public presentation and business management.

    Song: "Nothing's In My Way"

    Artists: Heritage High Students 2010

    • We believe that every young person should have access to the performing arts. 
    •  We believe that young people, when given a voice, will use it to speak their minds and hearts, be more engaged in their lives and choose to be more successful in their education and their futures. 
    •  We trust the ingenuity of young people. We trust that their expression and artistic ideas are valid and a product of their development as humans. 
    •  We encourage young people to express themselves and guide them in doing so productively and respectfully. 
    •  We are a part of the solution for opening young people’s hearts and minds through their voice in the arts. We are a part of the solution for Baltimore City’s communities by creating a venue for our community issues to be discussed. 
    •  Unchained Talent’s values also include love, cooperation and respect.

    What the Performing Arts Do: 

    The following are the guiding principles and fundamental values at the heart of our organization. They are ideals to which we hold ourselves in the operations of the organization.

     We believe young people are full of talent and desire for the technical skills necessary to display their talent. We understand that each person comes to the arts from a different place and we guide each person along their personal path with a customized approach for each young person to meet them where they are. We are compassionate to young people and yet we value them enough to push them personally and artistically.