Unchained Talent currently offers the following artistic disciplines:

  • Theatre: creation and performance of youth-written theatre productions, as well as repertory theatre performances
  • Music: Vocal & Recording Studio Arts: composition and production of student-original music in the Unchained Talent recording studio as well as relevant vocal work
  • Dance: training in a variety of dance styles and choreography techniques to create youth-choreographed original dance works

Unchained Talent students write, record and perform their own, original works of art:

  • Plays- one acts, scenes,monologues, full-length scripts
  • Music - Hip/hop rhymes, r&b ballads, guitar songs, piano compositions and inspirational songs
  • Dances - Hip/hop, lyrical, modern, step, African, jazz, tap
  • Poetry - to express their true feelings which sometimes cannot be otherwise expressed
  • Visual Art - in set design and show posters 


​The consistency of adult mentoring is a key component to the success of the Unchained Talent program.  The students work closely with Unchained Talent staff, professional artists from the Greater Baltimore area and senior members of Unchained Talent to develop their skills in cooperation, language, and performance discipline.  These mentoring experiences build trust and enable students to learn to accept much needed adult guidance that will help them to take positive rather than negative risk.  Mentoring relationships with reliable consistent adult mentors help students through challenges that interfere with their success at school and in their lives.  Adult mentors also teach students the skills needed to be leaders in their schools and lives beyond school, such as personal and professional integrity and entrepreneurial skills, creating opportunities for themselves in communities where there are few opportunities. Unchained Talent also provides its students with opportunities to learn theatre management and technical skills that can be utilized in college and future careers.  

Youth Development

Youth also benefit from life skills training in topics including financial management, leadership, health and sexuality, conflict resolution, as well as basic job skills and professionalism. All youth learn about themselves and process what happens in their communities through the youth-written artistic material. Students are encouraged to assume responsibility and leadership within the group, thereby learning business and career skills in a supportive environment.  A Student Leadership Team actively shapes Unchained Talent’s goals and direction and exemplary students have been afforded the opportunity to write and direct full-length productions.  Job skills training in basic jobs skills/professionalism and specialized performing arts competencies help prepare our youth for their professional life and open up a breadth of possibilities for their future career. Life skills trainings in financial management, health and sexuality, and conflict resolution help teach young people the skills they need to be successful in any path they choose.

Youth-Driven Performing Arts

Unchained Talent currently meets up to five times a week, up to three hours a day, from September to June, in a violence-free, safe and supportive environment where students can be productive and creative after school. Through the creation of their own original work, the students are given the opportunity to voice their opinions and express themselves artistically.  The performing arts not only teach artistic expression, but discipline, life skills, and literacy. 

Three Key Elements

Disciplines We Offer