Unchained Talent's Impact

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Unchained Talent's impact goes beyond the numbers. Check out our blog to get to know some of our students and the impact Unchained Talent has had on their lives. Unchained Talent's blog "Unchained Impact"

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  • 86% of Unchained Talentís first cohort of students graduated high school with a diploma in four years, compared with the city-wide average of 63% and the average graduation rate of 45% at their schools.

  • 80% of those Unchained Talent students who did not graduate on time began their career, joined a job-training/GED program, or returned to high school to earn a diploma.

  • Unchained Talent students have developed enough self-confidence, assertiveness and positive reputation in the school through their roles on stage that they are able to step up as leaders in the school community.

  • Unchained Talent alumni are now studying at Salisbury University, Community College of Baltimore County, University of Baltimore, Stevenson University, Morgan State University, and more.

  • According to a survey administered by the Family League of Baltimore City, 16.0% of surveyed students were found to be case positive for depressive symptoms before they were enrolled in Unchained Talent. Three months after these same students were active in Unchained Talent, only 3.7% of these students were found to be case positive for depressive symptoms, a 75% decrease for the group.