Mobtown Madness III - September 12, 2009

sponsored in part by
HD Supply/White Cap Construction Supply

Unchained Talent
the student-driven performing arts and mentoring program
proudly presents

Mobtown Madness III

Saturday September 12, 2009
Registration from 2 - 2:30 p.m.

Dear Mobtown Madness Racers,

We are SOOO excited for you to take part in Mobtown Madness III. We have been working hard to create for you a variety of clues and an interesting race route. We cannot wait for you to enjoy our fair city through this event. It is a fun event for a great cause and I know youíll have a blast!

Logistics, helpful hints, teasersÖ oh my!
We will meet at the Austin Grill in the Can Company at 2400 Boston Street at 2 p.m. on Saturday.
-your entire team is present
-with their waivers signed (by parents if under 18)
-with your team photo taken

The more information we have from you or that you complete in advance, the smoother registration will go. Please consider paying via PayPal through our website or prewriting your check. PayPal links are here:

Encourage your teammates to arrive at 2 p.m. so you can begin the race with the rest of the racers. Also, it turns out there is another special event in The Can Company starting at 2 p.m. so if you are interested in getting a parking spot geared for easy quick departure, you may want to arrive a little early. (Also, if you are meeting at the Austin Grill and taking one teammates' car, please consider parking your stationary car a little distance from the Grill (at Safeway, for example) to leave room for team cars.

About Unchained Talent You are playing for your own entertainment and to benefit Unchained Talent, the student-driven, performing arts and mentoring program! Unchained Talent is a nonprofit organization working to bring the performing arts back to the young people in under-resourced Baltimore City schools and communities. Unchained Talent is a place where young people's voices are heard, giving young people the opportunity to learn life skills as well as to create original music, dance and theatre works in a safe and supportive environment with caring and consistent adult mentors. Thank you for supporting this important work in Baltimore City!!

The Race: Solve each clue to find the next destination and the next clue, until you come full circle back to the starting location. The team completing the course in the shortest time (adjusting for penalties and bonuses) wins.

The Ground Rules:
∑ Be safe!
∑ All destinations are inside the Baltimore City limits.
∑ The race will begin and end at the Austin Grill.
∑ To begin, your whole team must be present and have completed waivers.
∑ Save each clue to bring back for verification.
∑ You may use any resources you wish to solve the clues (phone book, maps, cell phone, etc.). No resource is off limits (except another teamís answers or if it hinders another teamís progress).
∑ Cheating is expressly forbidden, not to mention thoroughly uncool. Specifically, but not inclusively, no stealing of clues or hiding the clue envelopes to thwart the other teams! Interfering with the clue folders will result in disqualification and major bad karma. No following another team. There will be some safeguards in place to ensure that your team is actually solving the puzzles themselves, rather than following another team around. Although you donít have to have every clue solved to completion, you need to be able to show or tell how you solved it.
∑ Travel with decorum and be respectful of destinations and their workers/visitors/owners, etc (subtlety = less likely clues will be messed with)
∑ If you think there is a problem with the course, please call us on our cell phones. There is no penalty for reporting (potential) course issues (e.g. missing envelopes/clues, mistakes in the clues, safety concerns).
∑ If you are stumped on a clue, you may call us for a Hint. However, Hints will cost you a penalty that will be added to your final course time. On any given Clue, the first Hint will cost 10 minutes, the second 20 minutes, and the third 40 minutes. Clues with multiple parts will have smaller penalties. You will have the opportunity on the course to earn minutes OFF your time, as well!
∑ Unchained Talent Lifeline: Each team is allowed one phone call / one question to ask of the Unchained Talent student representatives. There is no time penalty for this call, and there is no guarantee that their answers will be correct!

Things to bring:
Cell phone (be sure to leave that number with us)
Phone book
Your wits
Duct tape (okay, you donít really need duct tape, but you cannot be too prepared)
Any other information resource you think youíll need
Snacks/drinks to keep you in tip top solving shape throughout the race
Pens/pencils, things to write on in the car
You could bring a camera to record the fun (donít forget to share your pics with us!)
BTW: Team costumes are not necessary but are welcome.

Prizes for the Winning Teams will be comprised of generous donations from the following businesses/organizations:
Austin Grill
Belle Massey
Unchained Talent
On The Hill Cafť
Los Amigos
Greg Houston Illustration
Baltimore Heritage
sobo cafť
La Tasca
Yabba Pot
Big Bad Wolf BBQ
Sylvan Beach Foundation/Taharka Brothers Ice Cream
Thai Restaurant
Joe Squared
Cyclops Books
Ryleigh's Oyster
Baltimore Yoga Village
and more!

First place will also receive free entrance to the next Mobtown Madness, and Second Place will receive half-price entrance.

Austin Grill Happy Hour Specials for participants all afternoon and evening! $5 Sliders, $2 tacos, $2.50 for 1/2 lb of wings, $4 margaritas, $2.50 Juengling/Shiner/Coors/Miller, and more (Must wear your name tag to ID you as a Mobtown Madness participant to get happy hour prices)

Special thanks to Jeff Gray for everything, Karen Sentementes, Odette Ramos, Shawn James, Richard McCoy, Mary Pat Clarke, Christina and Mike Bracknell for pre-testing the clues, Nolan Jones, Daquashous Darby, Darrell Hairston and the students of Unchained Talent (and anyone else who I may have missed; you are appreciated!)

And special thanks to our sponsors:
-HD Supply/White Cap Construction Supply (
-PW Feats and Danielle Nekimken for the lovely Mobtown Madness logo design!
-Ms. Toni Kasko
-And the individual donors like you who support our programs through their generous donations throughout the year!

Bring your thinking caps, your smiling faces and letís have a good time to benefit a great cause!